Cibulka’s title in Linz did not win, in the final she played with Kvitova

LINEC, BRATISLAVA. Dominika Cibulková also won the WTA Tour in its third final, so she is still waiting for her first title.On Sunday, 4: 6, 1: 6, Petre Kvitova from Czech Republic was flying to Austria’s Linz.

„In order to fight Pete, I would have to do my first job,” said the 22-year-old Slovak tennis player, „but she is also defeated, and I believe I will soon do it.”

Wimbledon winner Kvitova has won the sixth career Sportingbet sports betting tournament and has credited $ 37,000 to her account.

The Slovak unit managed 6: 1, 6: 4 Luciana Safarova in the semi-final, and in the final it came across the next Czech left.

But the higher Kvitova head kept the Slovak tennis player under constant pressure, not allowing him to get to the typical quick, aggressive tennis.Kvitova leads 4: 0

„Damn the first gem, which slipped my fingers in 40: 15 with my fingers quickly.” Dominique saw the final match.

„Every little thing decides in such a match. Well, I returned, I broke Kvitova in the eighth gem. But Cibulka did not keep service.” Cibulka played with Kvitova and the fourth match. On a hard surface, she has not even set a set yet. „Peťa is tall.” After a great performance, she can make a lot of pressure, „said Cibulkova.” To resist it, I have to risk it, but today it did not happen to me. Finals to Two Minus

For flawless performance in the semifinals with Safarova, Dominika would give a unit, in the finals with Kvitova it would be two minus.

„I did not catch the beginning and did not go to service,” she said.After the series of tournaments in Asia, the best result was achieved in the autumn of last year. „Obviously, I felt the proximity of my home,” she said. „This week in Moscow

Cibulkova started this season at 31.mieste and after Linz should get closer to the top 20 For the second half of the season it deserves it.

After a semifinals in Hertogenbosch grass and a quarter-final in Wimbledon, on the hard surface in Stanford, USA, she was among the best, and after she broke her abdominal muscle injury, she reached the final in Austria.

„Preparation with Croatian coach Zeljko Krajanom brings fruit,” added Cibulkova. „I want to go back to where I once was.” Dominika is the 12th place in 2009.

From Austria, she jumped home shortly yesterday to Bratislava, and today she is flying to Moscow for the last tournament season.Dvojhra – finals:

Cibulka did not start the match with Kvitova, when the game started in the opening game and Czech, after confirming the break, took the lead 2: 0. In the next few minutes, Kvitova lost her assurance of assault, began to replicate the unforgivable mistakes, which was the water at Cibulka’s mill.

The Slovak has started to take the lead in long runs from the base line and managed to score it to 4: 4. However, in the next game, Kvitova subsequently lost the first set with a clean game.

In the second game, Kvitova scored a 4: 1 lead after two shots and the game was already over. In the seventh gem, she changed the 3rd medal in the run of the rifle and started the victories over Cibulkova from 1.Rounds of the World Cup group in the NTC in Bratislava and from the tournaments in Brisbane and Madrid.

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