There are overseas couples at the World Figure Skating Championships

Free dances are at the Shanghai championship on Friday. From the third place, the Italian advocates of the title Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte will compete in a balanced competition.

Chocet and Bates have outperformed rivals in technical excellence. They were the only ones to have the step ranked at the highest level, and in addition to the perfect execution of the other elements, they improved their personal record to 74.47. They ranked third in the historic pairs ranking according to their personal maxims.

The second pair of this year’s championship of four continents, the top of which was the fifth place in the world championship last year, 79 points ahead of the Grand Prix winner of the December Grand Prix Weaver and Concept.They can be defeated by the February Fourth Championship.

The fight for the medal will probably be very dramatic. Secondarily, the Canadians are only 0.74 points 1xbet bonus away from Gabrielly Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron. Also, those French, who settled on the European throne in January, demonstrated their performance without major mistakes. They have gained almost a point higher than the European Championship, but they are still ranked for Italian competitors Cappellini and Lanotte. Outside the podium, there is also a new Russian couple, composed of bronze Olympic medalist Jelena Ilinych and Ruslan Žiganšina.These figure skaters have not reached the seventy-point limit and have a medal of almost three points.

led by Canadian favorites

Favored Canadian sports couple Meagan Duhamel, Eric Radford has managed a very short program at the championship. In a high-quality competition where none of the favorites made a major mistake, they lead with a mark of 76.98 with more than a four-point lead ahead of two domestic Chinese couples.

The free rides that can bring them the first world title after two bronze medals will take place at the Shanghai Championship on Thursday.

Twenty-two-year-old Duhamel and Radford’s older year beat the other pairs in the difficulty of the program .As a solo jump, they chose a triple lute, which is roughly a two-point difference 1xbet mobile compared to the usual toeloop. All the elements were rated at the highest level and the only ones gained more than 40 points for the technique.

However, in the second set of marks, the judges rated the most experienced domestic pair, the Pentagon Ping and Qing Jien. The doubles of the world champions who have extended their careers due to the home world championship have become second.Less than a point is lost by the significantly younger compatriots Sue Wen-ching and Chan Cchung, three-time junior world champions from 2010 to 2012.

Fourth place with a loss of negligible four hundredths of bronze points will be attacked by the champions Europe’s Juko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov from Russia.

This year, China and Overseas is the world’s scene in this category. In the eighteen after a short program, only two Russian couples and an Italian couple with a Czech track Valentina Marchei, Ondřej Hotárek, are among the Europeans.

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